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Welcome to Koenemann's - Your "German Sausage Store Next Door"

For over 78 years

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Here is why customers from all over USA keep ordering from us...

Authentic German style sausage. -

I like best the taste and variety. -

Excellent quality and selections. -

Best German sausage we've come across especially Blutwurst. -

Your sausage is the closest thing to German metzger products. -

The selection is nice. -

Good German style meats. -

They are friendly and ship fast. -

I am from Germany and liked all very much -

I never worry about something being spoiled. -

Delicious products -

Genuine German style taste. I wish there was a Koenemann shop here in Springfield -

They provide the good stuff. Reasonable prices. Keep up the good work. -

I appreciate your concern and understanding -

Vielen Dank für Wurst sendung. Alles prima. -

The package arrived yesterday. Everything looks and smells wonderful. -

Order today and enjoy next week.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Thousands of happy customers already enjoy “A taste of Germany” right here in the USA. We invite you to join them. Ordering is easy and fast. You normally can expect your sausage to arrive within a week. Order today so you, too, can savor the mouth-watering taste of country-made German Style Sausage.

Our huge online assortment – more than sixty (60) kinds of sausage – makes it easy to please many diverse tastes. We have countless German sausages for sale, including Mortadella, Gelbwurst, Leberkaese, Fleischkaese, Liverwurst and Blutwurst, among others. Not sure what kind of sausage someone else would prefer as a gift? Just order a Gourmet Gift Package – you will be on target. Or – send them a Koenemann’s Gift Certificate and they can enjoy some of our most popular products, including German frankfurter, knackwurst and bratwurst.

Excellent selection of over 60 products…

  • Shipped summer or winter – anywhere in the USA
  • Made with authentic German recipes
  • Made by sausage makers trained in Germany
  • Helpful tips for storing and serving included with every order
  • Guaranteed to arrive fresh and to your satisfaction
  • Order today – enjoy next week
  • Order Online

We would like you to enjoy our products to the fullest.

Since Koenemann’s product – all USDA inspected, of course – are made with an absolute minimum of preservatives, it is very important to store them properly. Here are some basic points:

Refrigerate Upon arrival.

When your sausage arrives, it may be soft due to transit. Refrigeration will return it to its proper condition. Please refrigerate for several hours preferably overnight, before slicing.


Koenemann sausages that require refrigeration should be wrapped in foil or stored in any Tupperware-type container. To avoid darkening of an open end of a sausage, cover the cut with saran wrap.


For best results, sausage should be defrosted slowly, preferably overnight in the refrigerator.

Detailed information on how to store and serve our products

can be found next to each product description and will also be included with every order. These tips can be helpful for anyone – for people just becoming acquainted with

Our Deli Store

with a super selection of imported German and European items (and, ofcourse, all of our meat products) is located at 27090 Volo Village Road in Volo, Illinois (1 block Northeast of intersection US Route 12 and IL Route 120). Store hours: We are open Tuesday – Saturday, 9 am till 5 pm, closed Sunday and Monday.
These are our winter hours, they will change in April.

Enjoy. Guten Appetit!

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Koenemann Sausage Co. (815) 385-6269 - Fax (815) 385-6269

27090 Volo Village Rd, Volo, IL 60073, US

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